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12/18/2011 Preparing Your Heart for Worship 
12/04/2011 Worshiping in Spirit and Truth 
1/29/2012 The Divine Authority of Sovereign Grace: The Cure for Worldliness 
1/22/2012 Conflicts from Within: The Danger of Worldliness in the Church 
1/15/2012 Contrast of Godly and Worldly Wisdom 
1/08/2012 A Fresh Look at the Old 
1/01/2012 Out with the New in with the Old 
12/26/2010 The Power of the Christmas Message 
12/25/2011 Come Let Us Worship the King 
2/05/2012 The Divine Authority of Sovereign Grace: The Cure for Worldliness, Pt. 2 
2/12/2012 The Divine Authority of Sovereign Grace: The Cure for Worldliness, Pt. 3 
2/26/2012 God's Will: Your Response 
2/19/2012 The Condemnation of the Sin of Slander 
3/04/2012 Dying to Live 
4/15/2012 Treasure Tell 
4/01/2012 The Necessity of the Cross 
4/08/2012 The Necessity of the Cross Part 2 
3/25/2012 Evangelizing Our Community 
4/22/2012 Enduring Trials Patiently 
4/29/2012 Do Not Swear 
5/13/2012 Jesus' Care for His Mother 
5/20/2012 Powerful Righteous Praying, Part 1 
5/27/2012 Powerful Righteous Praying Part 2 
6/03/2012 Ultimate Reconciliation Ministry, part. 1 
6/10/2012 Ultimate Reconciliation Ministry Part 2 
6/17/2012 Real Men Walk with God 
6/24/2012 The Purity of the Church: God is Holy 
7/01/2012 The Purity of the Church: Christ is Holy 
7/08/2012 The Purity of the Church: The Spirit is Holy 
7/15/2012 The Purity of the Church: Our Union with Christ is Holy 
7/22/2012 A Purity of the Church: Pt 5 Results of Our Vital Union with Christ 
7/26/2012 The Purity of the Church: Part 6 Practical Implications of Our Union with Christ 
8/05/2012 The Purity of the Church part 7: Disciplined for Holiness 
8/12/2012 The Ordinance of Baptism 
08/19/2012 Biblical Audiology: A Theology of Listening 
08/26/2012 Harrowing Your Heart to Hear 
09/02/2012 The Itching Ear Epidemic 
9/09/2012 Communion 
9/16/2012 The Discerning Listener 
9/23/2012 The Discerning Listener, Part 2 
9/30/2012 Practice What You Hear 
10/07/2012 Practice What You Hear, Part 2 
10/14/2012 Genuine Happiness: The Search 
10/21/2012 Genuine Happiness: The Chaff 
10/28/2012 Genuine Happiness: The Tree 
11/04/2012 Guest Speaker: Ryan Galdamez A Prayer for the Church 
11/11/2012 Genuine Happiness: Two Ways, Two Ends 
11/18/2012 A Psalm of Thanksgiving 
11/25/2012 Treasure Pots 
12/02/2012 Money Matters 
12/09/2012 Money Matters, Part 2 
12/16/2012 Money Matters, Part 3 
12/23/2012 Money Matters ~ Part 4 
Showing 53 items